Oval Office candidate supports Jenna’s Promise

The family behind a new nonprofit aimed at helping people with opioid use disorder get back to healthy, productive lives has a fan on the campaign trail toward the nation’s highest office. U.S. Sen. Cory Booker, the New Jersey Democrat seeking his party’s nomination as candidate for president, has offered his support for Jenna’s Promise, […]

Sharing Stories of Love, Grief and Hope From the Opioid Crisis

The headlines are full of stories about the opioid epidemic: about doctors overprescribing pills, lawsuits against drugmakers and the astronomical cost to our social-services safety net. The obituaries are full of these stories, too, though few of them come right out and say so (the obituary on page 19 is one exception). Addiction is still […]

From grief to action:

Jenna’s Promise offers hope against addiction & stigma. In February 2019, 26-year-old Jenna Tatro died of a drug overdose at her family’s home in Johnson, Vermont. Now her parents, Greg and Dawn Tatro, have dedicated themselves to fighting opioid addiction and helping those who suffer with it. The Tatros have established Jenna’s Promise, a nonprofit […]

Building a Recovery Supportive Community

A Remarkable Accomplishment Unfolding in North Central Vermont! Join host Ed Baker and his trailblazing guests Daniel Franklin, Executive Director at the well-established North Central Vermont Recovery Center providing a very wide range of recovery support services to individuals seeking their pathway to recovery, and Dawn and Greg Tatro, Co-Director’s of Jenna’s Promise, a recently […]