Jenna’s Promise ~ Our Mission

Our mission is to create a network of support that will help people suffering from substance use disorder. We wish to open doors and remove the barriers for people seeking treatment, ensuring healthy and sustaining patient recovery. We will strive to create pathways for patients to reassimilate into society by supporting the transitions from this disorder, to recovery, to independent living. Finally, we want to make this journey easier for people with substance use disorders and their family members.

To accomplish the mission of Jenna’s Promise we must surround each affected individual with all the support, kindness, and role-modeling that a community can provide. We must tear down the stereotypes associated with addiction and realize each person is a human being that needs help. That help starts with providing infrastructure, innovative thinking, guidance, and funding for treatment facilities, housing agencies, support professionals, donors, and parents.

Join our Vermont network and work together!

We are focused on assisting our community in building a healthier and safer place to live, work, learn, and do business by reducing the burden of substance use disorder in our region. We seek to remove barriers for people seeking treatment.

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