Services and Resources

Jenna's Promise Provides.

Jenna’s Promise was created to combat this disease and help those who are struggling with addiction and their families heal. We have helped over 80 individuals struggling with a substance use disorder and provided about $50,000 in financial assistance before we have even officially launched our ambitious program.

We have also seen the holes in the structure of treatment and recovery. We know where the system is strong, and where there are opportunities to fill in the gap. We have taken that knowledge and worked with professionals at every level and in every field to create a program that offers 360 degrees, wrap-around services. What this means is that our support goes far beyond the usual in-patient treatment. We offer an environment where individuals can work and learn to reintegrate into society.

Financial assistance, Jenna’s House and recovery event hosting & sponsorship are just a few of the services Jenna’s Promise hopes to offer. Check out our Work in Progress page to see the upcoming services Jenna’s Promise will soon offer.

At Jenna’s Promise, we understand how difficult the journey to recovery is. If you need someone to reach out to for help, please contact Dawn Tatro at 802-373-2947.