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The Tatro family’s six-year painful struggle to understand the disease, to find suitable treatment centers, and to cope with the day-to-day issues that come with having a family member with substance use disorder has culminated in the formation of Jenna’s Promise.

Jenna’s Promise is a recovery community in northern Vermont with a whole-life approach to the treatment of substance use disorder. We’re here to help you in your recovery with sober housing, treatment services, a support community, and an innovative work program that provides valuable job skills. Within a scenic and tranquil setting, we will offer a highly structured environment and experienced, caring staff that is ready to set you on a path to lasting well-being. 

The road to recovery can be hard, but you don’t have to do it alone. We help you achieve lasting freedom from the depths of a substance use disorder, whether you’re taking your first step or you’re ready to join a thriving sober community. Our comprehensive approach will help you regain dignity and a sense of well-being while you build real-life skills that lead to stability. Let us help you rediscover a life filled with purpose and meaning.

Our Board Members and Founders

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