Café for a cause: Opening day for Jenna’s Coffee House

Jenna’s Promise in Johnson is dedicated to helping people struggling with addiction. Now, the team has a new coffee house that gives the community — and those recovering — a place to be together.

“It gives a safe place to work, to build the confidence and hope that’s needed for recovery. It breaks down the stigma,” said the group’s Greg Tatro.

Jenna’s Coffee House and Jenna’s Promise are run by the Tatro family, named after their daughter who died from substance abuse disorder. Their mission is to help people struggling with addiction get back on their feet.

Community members like Sally May say they are excited about a new place to gather. “I just happened to come in to get coffee and something to eat and meet somebody. There really aren’t many places to locally get together for coffee, you know. I always tend to go toward Chittenden County. So, this is great,” May said.



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