A Message From Our Founders

Hello Friends,

We began Jenna’s Promise in 2019 after the tragic loss of our daughter to substance use disorder. Jenna, ourselves and her brother, experienced first-hand the emotions, trauma, sorrow, and emptiness that so often occurs at every level of the ongoing struggle against the opioid crisis.

So, instead of succumbing to despair or hopelessness, we have decided to turn instead to hope. Inspired by our daughter’s spirit and her desire to help, we have decided to commit ourselves to a greater cause to honor her memory. Thus, the Tatro family is proud to introduce Jenna’ Promise, an organization dedicated to the pursuit of substance use prevention. It will endeavor to help organizations which use evidence-based methods to help people that are suffering from substance use disorder as well as assisting their families through the treatment and wellness process.

We feel such gratitude for the overwhelming support shown by the community, civic leaders, and volunteers who have shown enthusiasm for this project. We can’t wait to show you what we have in store!

God bless,

Greg and Dawn Tatro

Our Services

Recovery Housing

Rae of Hope Sober Home

Jenna’s Promise Rae of Hope Sober Home was created with the fundamental belief that people can recover from addiction and trauma with the support of a positive community.  At Rae of Hope, we ask that residents arrive with desire and motivation to embark on a holistic journey towards wellness. Rae of Hope is Vermont’s first Level 3 Recovery Residence, certified by the Vermont Alliance for Recovery Residences.

Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

We offer financial assistance to individuals who desire to get into a recovery residence or sober home to begin their recovery, as well as individuals who already reside in sober living but have lost their income due to COVID-19. Money is sent directly to the recovery/sober homes to pay rent. The duration of the assistance is typically 2-6 weeks and is dependent upon several factors.

Community Center

Jenna's House

Jenna's House

Jenna’s House is a center point for the community, and will help to break down the stigma associated with substance use disorders. The main floor of the community center is a state-of-the-art events venue and will provide space for events for up to 150 people. The bottom floor houses the North Central Vermont Recovery Centers satellite facility, which includes a full gym and Mom’s in Recovery Program. 

Workforce Development

Workforce Development

We have two social enterprises that provide workforce development for our clients. Jenna’s Promise Roasting Company and JPs Promising Goods discount store were both created to offer jobs to people in recovery and help them gain work experience. The combination of safe housing and employment will help people reach their full potential. The profit from these businesses will support Jenna’s Promise and our mission long-term.

Workforce Development

Our Social Enterprises

Our social enterprises are an integral part of our workforce development program. Our program participants have the opportunity to reenter the workforce and gain valuable experience. Proceeds from both businesses directly support Jenna’s Promise.


Strengthening our community with coffee!

Jenna’s Promise Roasting Co. is focused on sourcing and roasting the best coffee from around the world. As a facet of Jenna’s Promise, the roasting company will act as a platform for outreach and offer workplace development opportunities for those in the program.

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Your purchase will make a Difference!

Johnson’s own discount store, with prices you won’t find anywhere else. Located just past the bridge on Railroad Street. JP’s Promising Goods is your go to for new scratch and dent appliances and one of a kind goods!

How You Can Help !

In Recovery? Please Volunteer For Jenna’s Promise

Our volunteers join us from all walks of life and bring with them individual perspectives and abilities that enhance the diversity of our team. These volunteers are the backbone of Jenna’s Promise and they include college students, people in recovery, people living sober, retirees, seniors, allies, and so much more. There are strength in numbers and we need your help.

People early in recovery process are strengthened by "Volunteer Peers", by providing support, resources, and encouragement from a first person perspective.

Share Your Inspirational Moments

Whether you are religious, spiritual or none of the above, prayers, inspirational quotes and mantras can become a valuable source of positive affirmation when someone is battling drug addiction. The inspiration that guides Jenna’s Promise is knowing that Jenna herself was devoted to helping others, even in her darkest moments. Send us your motivational stories, quotes and prayers, so we may share them and guide others.

Uplifting and inspiring stories, quotes and prayers can ease the stress people in recovery face...like anxiety, depression and doubt. They find strength to succeed and new opportunities for self-growth.

Jenna’s Promise Is To Save Lives In Vermont

As beautiful as Vermont is, it is not immune from the effects the epidemic of substance use disorder brings. Jenna’s Promise is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating barriers to treatment, as well as recovery services. Our greatest hope is to help bring patients the uplifting and life-changing benefits of treatment.

Our Key Sponsors

Inspirational Stories

Thanks for being there
We are forever grateful
For All Your Help
I Have Not Given Up
Very Grateful
Your Compassion Inspires Me
I can’t say thank you ENOUGH
Jenna’s Promise is an amazing
Friendly Update
Thank You
I received financial help from your organisation last February with rents at the recovery house at which I still reside in Burlington. At that time I had very little in health or life or happiness. At 8 months into my sobriety I have a decent job where I am trusted and counted on, a good chunk of savings in the bank, my drivers license back after many years, a car that I love. I've lost nearly 40 pounds being active and eating well and have better health than in many years. I also have regained my confidence and dignity as a functioning person that can now give help instead of needing it. I am not totally happy just yet but I'm not at all feeling bad about my life which is more than enough for now. Most importantly I have hope and a solid foundation from which to move forward with my life. I struggled for the better part of two decades. Thanks for being there to help me finally help myself.
We are forever grateful for all you have done to help us and our son and so many other families!!! We hope to help you in return along this journey helping others. Tyler is now over 6 months in recovery and I know he is thankful and grateful for all you are doing to help others! Looking Forward to helping in anyway we can. I believe sober homes are a key to recovery.  
I would like to thank for all your help, your support, both financially and your encouraging words! Being able to remain at the Liberty House is giving me the support that I so desperately need in order to keep my sobriety. I think that you are an amazing man – we need more people like you in this world. Thank you so much for Everything, KC.
I would like to thank you again for helping me achieve my goal of getting into Suburban Square Sober living. There is no way this could have been possible without your generous help. I arrived on Monday, March 30, and am doing great! April 3rd makred by 30 days sober date and I fee so grateful and hopeful. I attend A.A. meetings at least once a day, found a homegroup and sponser, attend thereapy twice a week. I make daily goals and follow through with them, and am working every day to become financially stable again. Although that proves very difficult during this time, I have not given up. Living a sober life is beautiful and rewarding! It feels so amazing to finally be putting my sobriety first, so my lief and loved ones don’t come last. Thank you again for all you have d one for me, it will never go unappreciated. Forever Thankful, CM
I just want to reach out and thank you guys for all you have done for me and have helped me. I’m very grateful and apricate the help you have given me to continue living at the VFOR Sober House. Without your help I don’t know where I’d be but I have a safe and sober house. You guys are so amazing to help people and help them to stay sober. Thank you so much. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! AS
I’d like to take this moment to say thank you very much for your generous gift. Words do not describe my gratitude. Your compassion inspires me to keep moving in a positive direction and pay it forward one day. With Gods grace and love, and wit the 12 steps of A.A. and N.A. I’m sure I will achieve this. God Bless. RD
I dont know where to start. Dawn and Greg are such incredible people. without the help ive recieved from jennas promise I would not be almost 4 months clean today. They have turned a tragic situation into the opportunity to help SOO MANY people find the world of recovery! Dawn has been a HUGE support to me through this journey and helping me navigate my way from treatment into sober living. I owe a lot of my success to her and greg. Their strength and determination is beyond words. Dawn and Greg I cant say thank you ENOUGH. I love you guys. and I can almost guarantee Jenna is with you both every step of this journey. ~ Tiana D.
Jenna’s Promise is an amazing organization who is paving ways for people with substance abuse disorders to rebuild their lives and further their recoveries. Their compassion, dedication and genuine concern for the community is impressive and inspiring! They are down in the trenches working hard and changing lives one addict at a time. I would highly recommend them! ~ Sarah Y.
Hi Barry and friends at Jenna's Promise, Thank you so much for your assistance with my rent at Stonecrop. Things are going very well. I've made great friends in the house and am enjoying helping other women get acclimated to sober life both in the house and in AA as a whole. I have been working like crazy as a daily substitute at SA Barnes Elementary, catering for Sugarsnap, and waiting tables at Burger Bar in Colchester. I've also had a lot of time for fun. We went as a house to seen one of my favorite bands perform on Halloween and it was an amazing night! I'm currently on the bus to visit my family and my pets for the first time since I moved back to Burlington, and it should be a very nice weekend. Thanks again, and don't hesitate to contact me for help with any events related to Jenna's Promise! Best, KB
Thank you and Jenna's Promise for your assistance. I am extremely grateful to have moved into Stonecrop and Jenna's Promise is part of what made it possible. I'm very grateful to Lauryn as well and feel fortunate to have connected with her and Stonecrop. Actually, I'm feeling amazingly grateful to be part of the community here and also for my new house mates. Thank you for your support. I'm very optimistic about being here. I'm happy to be here. Thank you for helping make it possible. A happy and healthy holiday season to you, yours and Jenna's Promise and an excellent new year as well! With much gratitude and respect, MRF
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