U.S. Attorney announces opening of groundbreaking recovery program based in Lamoille County

Today U.S. Attorney Christina E. Nolan announced the opening of a groundbreaking recovery program designed to serve women with complex trauma histories, such as domestic violence, physical violence, sexual violence, and human trafficking, many of whom have also suffered from substance use disorder.  The program involves the opening of a recovery house that will provide a continuum of long-term care and wraparound support services, from sober living and transitional housing, to mental health counseling and dedicated resources for educational and vocational training. A recovery program of this breadth is the first of its kind in Vermont.  The recovery house will be managed under the oversight of the Board of Directors of Jenna’s Promise, a nonprofit organization established by Greg and Dawn Tatro in the wake of the tragic passing of their daughter, Jenna, from a fatal overdose…Read More On VT  Digger