In Memory Of Bernie Juskiewicz

A few weeks ago, we lost a central member of our team and a very dear friend. Bernie Juskiewicz was not only a volunteer for Jenna’s Promise, he was one of the founding members. In fact, he was the first choice to be on the board for our foundation. He not only accepted, but he poured every fiber of his being into this mission. He really was proud to be part of this team—almost as proud as we were to have him.

It was just a part of the good work Bernie did. In addition to his years of public service, he was a superb mentor, and he was always there during difficult times when Jenna’s family was dealing with the effects of substance use disorder. And when Jenna passed on, he worked so hard to help us get the local church scheduled and set up for the service. He truly went above and beyond.

Bernie’s empathy and care could be seen in every interaction he had with those he cared about. He radiated warmth and good will, and he always weighed the issues confronting Jenna’s Promise with thorough analysis and a team orientation that brought stitched group together.

Bernie was a light in our darkness, as he was to so many others. Words cannot adequately convey how saddened we are by his loss, but Jenna’s Promise is so much better for his energy, ideas, and character. And—we all, surely, stand a little taller and are better people for having known such a great person.

We will miss you Bernie.