Work In Progress

Jenna's Promise Cafe/Coffee Roasting Business

This building, in Johnson, will serve as a place of employment for people recovering from substance use disorder after they have left in-patient care. Work has already begun on this historic site, and soon it will provide a beautiful addition to the town. The profit from this business will help support Jenna’s Promise.

The bottom floor will be renovated into a coffee shop/coffee roasting business, which will offer tenants a safe place to work and gain valuable job experiences. 

The top floor will provide sober housing for roughly a dozen individuals recovering from substance use disorder. The combination of providing housing and employment will help people reach their full potential.

Jenna’s House Recovery Center

We have purchased a building, Jenna’s House, that we will turn into a community center in Johnson, VT. Jenna’s House will be a center point for the community and it will help to break down the stigma associated with substance use disorder. The bottom floor of the center will serve as a fully functioning outpatient recovery center. It will provide space for substance use recovery services which include: an outpatient recovery center, health fitness area, offices for behavior, social, and health professionals, a mother’s support group, a space to host AA/NA meetings, and other needed community support groups. This will not only serve people recovering from addiction but their family members and anyone who has been affected by this epidemic. 

Renovations to Jenna’s House recovery center are currently in progress. We aim to open in  March of 2021.