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Financial Assistance

This program is currently on hold until further notice. 

Please contact us with any questions.

We offer financial assistance to individuals who desire to get into a recovery residence or sober home to begin their recovery, as well as individuals who already reside in sober living but have lost their income due to COVID-19.

Money is sent directly to the recovery/sober homes to pay rent. The duration of the assistance is typically 2-6 weeks and is dependent upon several factors including:

  • Residents must stay in the home, follow all the house rules, stay sober, and be a positive role model while in the house.
  • Residents must be looking for employment and obtain employment soon.
  • Residents must submit a budget and are encouraged to start a savings account.
  • Residents must check in weekly with Jenna’s Promise to review their budget, wellness, and job status.

We also offer financial assistance for Vermont Agencies and treatment providers whose primary purpose is to help people with substance use disorder.

Jenna’s Promise will provide financial assistance to those agencies or treatment providers who have candidates who require funding for:

  • Room and Board

Individuals in recovery and agencies or treatment providers seeking financial assistance should complete the form below.

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We are focused on assisting our community in building a healthier and safer place to live, work, learn, and do business by reducing the burden of substance use disorder in our region. We seek to remove barriers for people seeking treatment.

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