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Jenna’s Promise is to Help People With Substance Use Disorders

Your tax deductible donation can assist affected Vermont families with mental, physical, and emotional aspects of addiction and help return our loved ones to a sober and productive life.

Below are a variety of charitable giving opportunities for small business, individuals and other organizations that wish to help those struggling with addiction. Key Sponsors will be featured on the website with logo and link to each respective organization. Contributors are featured here. On be half of those benefiting from you kindness, we are greatly appreciative.

For those that wish to donate via check, please make check payable to Jenna’s Promise and mail to:

Jenna’s Promise
1159 Foote Brook Road
Johnson, VT 05656

For corporations wishing to contribute or for additional contribution questions please contact us at (802) 343-8741, or contact us.

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On be half of myself, family or organization I wish to make a donation to Jenna's Promise in the amount of:

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Donor Information

  We publically thank contributors to Jenna's Promise by displaying their names throughout the website. No other contact information is shown. If you do wish to remain anonymous, please check the box to the left and know that we appreciate your kindness.

Our Key Sponsors

We are focused on assisting our community in building a healthier and safer place to live, work, learn, and do business by reducing the burden of substance use disorder in our region. We seek to remove barriers for people seeking treatment.

Contact Jenna’s Promise
1159 Foote Brook Road
Johnson, VT 05656
By Phone
(802) 343-8741
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