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Per Diem House Manager

Rae of Hope Sober Home is seeking an individual who is motivated to support the recovery community while also demonstrating dedication to their own recovery. The per diem House Manager will provide our Full-Time House Manager scheduled time off. The right candidate will demonstrate leadership skills, strong communication, and above all, the passion for helping others!

Duties may include: 

  • Monitoring nightly curfew
    • As a Level 3 certified recovery home, it is expected that there will be someone in the home from 11:00 pm-7:00 am.
  • Provide medication administration for residents.
    • Medication administration training will be provided by Jenna’s Promise staff.
  • Providing residents with transportation if needed to support basic living and treatment needs.
  • Maintain a high level of professionalism with all residents.
  • Encourage residents to actively participate in their recovery.
  • Following emergency protocols as needed.


  • Has been in active recovery for a minimum of 2 years.
  • Previous experience supporting high-stress environments is preferred.
  • Successful completion of the Recovery Coach Academy is preferred.

Jenna’s Promise staff will provide necessary training and has the ability to support the right candidate in attending the Recovery Coach Academy if needed. Jenna’s Promise is required to do a background check before hiring.

If interested, please contact Rae of Hope Sober Home Program Manager, Liz Sirrico @

*** We are no longer accepting applications for the Sober Living House Manager position***

Sober Living House Manager

Are you seeking fulfillment in helping individuals recover from substance use-disorder and looking to make a ripple effect on a growing recovery community? Jenna’s Promise is opening a new women’s sober home in Johnson and is seeking a self-driven, compassionate individual who lives, breathes, and spreads the hope of recovery to be their manager! The house manager is responsible for the observation and monitoring of residents and is expected to keep a high level of professionalism with each resident. This is a salary position including room and board with many opportunities to grow within Jenna’s Promise. The manager will be given the opportunity to guide, support, and influence change on a personal, local, and statewide level.


Job Types: Full-time, Part-time

Pay: $30,000.00 – $32,000.00 per year

Location: Johnson, VT (Not Remote)

Experience: Have worked with individuals recovering from substance use disorder.


Day-to-day Responsibilities

  • Monitor nightly curfew
  • Resident intake and documentation
  • House tours by prospective residence
  • Facilitate weekly house meetings
  • Ensuring residents are meeting recovery commitments and house requirements
  • Assigning weekly house chores and holding residents accountable
  • Breathalyzing and drug testing residences at random
  • Consistent communication with supervisor
  • Other relevant duties


  • Remain abstinent from all mood or mind-altering substances
  • Follow all house rules
  • Maintain professional boundaries with each resident
  • Maintain communication with all residents
  • Be on the property for nightly curfew check in until the following morning


  • Detail-oriented
  • Leadership
  • Strong communication
  • Have a passion for helping others
  • Comfortable with resolving conflict

*** This house manager will have the opportunity to influence healthy behaviors, the freedom to create various house activities, and be a supportive and nurturing role model in the recovery community.***

This position does not require a university degree and Individuals in recovery are encouraged to apply.

To apply please send resume and cover letter to